B. Kolappan

CHENNAI: The State unit of the CPI(M) on Wednesday said that it would not hesitate to launch a campaign against any party that supported the Indo-US nuclear deal and voted for the Congress-led UPA government in Parliament.

Asked about the party’s relationship with the DMK vis-À-vis the nuclear deal, CPI (M) State secretary N. Varadarajan said, “Our campaign against the Congress will also include the DMK, if the party prefers to support the nuclear deal.” Making it clear that the party had only electoral adjustments with the DMK, he said the CPI (M) was extending support to the government on issue basis. “While supporting all good schemes of the government, we continue to organise movements to highlight the people’s issues,” he told The Hindu.

Mr. Varadarajan said the question of alliance and seat-sharing would arise only at the time of elections. “We will study the situation and take a decision at the time of elections.”

The party’s central committee member W.R.Varadha Rajan said there would not be any front at the national level. “We will evolve strategies for every State and mobilise regional parties depending on the stand taken by them on the issues on communalism, nuclear deal and liberalisation,” he explained.

CPI state secretary D. Pandian said there was no need to discuss the relationship with the DMK since it was not on the party’s agenda. “We are only concerned about the nuclear deal,” he said.