Staff Reporter

Coimbatore: Lack of adequate response from society against practice of torture is the root cause of the inability to eradicate the same, said Thiagu, human rights activist.

He was speaking at a function organised here to mark the International Day In Support of Victims of Torture by the Coimbatore Human Rights Forum.


Mr.Thiagu stated that torture often was practised to instil fear among the people and make them submissive.

Torture cannot bring true results for an investigating officer of a crime.

People who justify torture would not accept it if it was inflicted on them or their loved ones. Society as such was not responding adequately to the incidents of torture.

Political will

It was only recently that India had banned corporal punishment for school children and enacted domestic violence (prevention) Act. A strong political will was needed to build a human rights culture.

Judge of the Family Court S. Baskaran and judge of the Additional District Court A. Thiagarajan said that torture cannot be justified under any circumstance and reminded that public should not frequently resort to blockades which was in violation of the rights of others.