Special Correspondent

NAGAPATTINAM: Councillors belonging to the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam staged a walkout from the Nagapattinam municipal council meeting on Monday, condemning the municipality for its “failure” to collect profession and service tax from marriage halls and lodging houses.

However, the councillors returned to the meeting after 10 minutes.

Sridhar (DMK), who raised the issue at the meeting presided by Chandramohan (AIADMK), Chairman, said that nearly Rs.16 lakh of profession tax and service tax arrears was yet to be collected from the marriage halls and other establishments. He pointed out that while drinking water connection had been disconnected for failure of payment, why the municipality did not take interest in collecting the profession and service tax from the marriage halls and lodges.

Mr. Chandramohan ordered issue of final notice to all the marriage halls and lodges, asking them to pay the tax arrears immediately.

Abubacker (DMK) suggested at the meeting that education assistance to school students should be disbursed only through the Headmaster of the respective schools and requested the chairman to refer the issue to the Nagapattinam district administration.

Tamim Ansari, councillor, drew the attention of the council that drainage water was overflowing in several roads and streets following blocks in the drainage system and also encroachments. He urged the chairman to take steps to appoint more sanitary workers in the municipality as the present number of sanitary workers was not adequate to carry out the cleaning work.

Replying to the query, the chairman said that all encroachments would be removed immediately and all blocks in the drainage system rectified.

Lakshmi (DMK) alleged malpractice in the supply of the diesel to the water lorries of the municipality and wanted the chairman to take action in this regard.