I enjoyed my pilgrimage to Shirdi Pandaripur and Mantralaya in June but for the unjust detention of the Bharat Darshan special at Kodai Road, Sholavandan and Samayanallur for hours together to allow for crossings of so many regular trains.

In the normal course, the yatra special that arrived Kodai Road at 7 p.m. could have very well reached Madurai at the scheduled time of 7.30 p.m.

But we alighted in Madurai at 12.20 a.m. after fretting and fuming in the train for five hours.

Is this the right way to conduct Bharat Darshan?

R. Muthukumaran,


Regular contact with customers

In a recent meeting the Madurai Collector had with the bankers, as reported in The Hindu, a Reserve Bank of India official asked the bankers to educate borrowers thoroughly before and after disbursement of loans.

Many are not aware of proper utilisation of loans for the avowed purpose and regular repayment.

The bankers must have regular and informal contact with customers, especially borrowers, instead of sending the routine notices. It will have its effect in proper repayment of loans. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a borrower fails to repay the loan, the banker must sympathetically consider his case for re-phasing the loan which will help minimize non-performing asset in the portfolio. A former banker, I found this to be successful.

V. S. Sankaran,


Reservation centre

A narrow pathway leads to the railway reservation centre at Tallakulam.

Besides being situated in the upstairs of a building, the centre has been provided with little space to park vehicles leading to visitors parking motorcycles and cars on the road, which is a hindrance to the smooth flow of traffic. Moreover, motorcyclists passing through the narrow pathway find it difficult to manoeuvre their vehicles. I request the railway authorities to shift the centre to a spacious place.

R.G. Rethinam,