Consequent to the fuel price increase auto drivers are demanding fares disproportionate to the fuel price hike. They demand Rs. 50 from Gandhipuram bus stand to the railway station and take Rs. 60 to Rs. 70 in the day and more than double this amount in the night. The existing fare may be raised by Rs. 5 for every 10 km of journey.

G. Chandrasekaran,


Monkey trick

I refer to the photo under the caption ‘Cake walk’ (June 24). What we humans call ‘tight rope walking’ is just a cake walk for a monkey; just a monkey trick! Monkeys are the offsprings of our ancestors who refused to jump into the bandwagons and are still as agile and funny as they used to be centuries ago. It seems the monkey we see in the picture was caught napping!

P.U. Krishnan,


Stop this

After the publication of SSLC results some local channels displayed subjectwise marks of students who failed in the examination. This will cause depression in the failed candidates.

Y.V. Visveswaran,


Housing problem

Consequent to the abnormal rise in land prices and construction cost the dreams of people from middle and low income groups in Coimbatore to own a house have been shattered. Nor do they find it easy to pay exorbitant rents. So now they think of purchasing small flats in multi-storeyed apartments. Builders have started constructing small apartments.

Although the builders get their construction plans approved they make many deviations to extend the area of construction and thereby reap more profit.

It is time the DTCP published a book of rules concerning apartment construction specifying all terms and the Floor Space Index (FSI) as also limit of storeys.

Real estate agents, builders and brokers should give an undertaking that they will abide by all rules of construction.

M.R. Pillai,


Train travails

I and my wife had a harrowing time on June 9 in 1013 Express while travelling from Bangalore to Coimbatore (Coach S-9). There was no water in the toilet and passengers in the compartment had to buy extra water bottles for use in the toilet. Conditions in trains are deplorable and the Railway Minister gloats over profits made by the railways while basic necessities like water and cleanliness, in the coaches and the railway stations, are totally absent.

J.V.V. Murthy,


Crime against women

Streets such as Ponnurangam Road, Shanmugam Road and Venkatswamy Road are not safe for women to tread on. Eve-teasing and chain snatching take place here frequently. Street lights streets are insufficient and security system inefficient.