This is with reference to my letter to the editor regarding theft in West Coast Express (Feb. 11). Many people advised me to drop the matter owing to the possible involvement of gangs in the theft. However, considering the safety of future passengers I contacted the Kozhikode Inspector Sasidaran and gave him the list of calls which were made using my cell which I obtained from Aircel. The details of the IMEA numbers were also given.

With this in hand Mr. Sasidaran traced the calls to a girl in Kollam, who received 50 calls from the stolen mobile. The calls were from a college lecturer in Palakkad who used to regularly travel from Palakkad to Kasargod and steal from women in the AC coaches of West Coast Express. We are grateful to Mr. Sasidaran for bringing the culprit to book.

Prince Herbert,


Defective system

I have been a customer of Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), Ramalinganagar branch, for the last 30 years. The service rendered by this branch is commendable. But, of late, the computer system in the bank often fails and the customers feel frustrated.

It seems the problem occurs in all the IOB branches in Coimbatore city simultaneously. The entire staff appear helpless.

S. Gopalan,


Traffic bottlenecks

Ramalinga Nagar in K.K. Pudur in Saibaba Colony, which lies on the northern side of NSR Road, has only two entry points i.e. through Sabapathy Street (Church Street) and P.V. Krishnan Street. Both the above roads are less than 30 feet in width. These roads were laid many years ago when there was hardly any development beyond the church. Many flats and houses have come up in K.K. Pudur. There are more than 200 flats and many more are under construction. Two wheelers and four wheelers have to enter and exit only through the above roads. Church Road and P.V. Krishnan Road have many shops and those who come for shopping here park their vehicles on either side of the roads causing traffic bottlenecks. With heavy construction activities going on, lorries carrying construction materials create further traffic jam. Authorities should not give permission for shops to be set up in the above streets. Both the streets should be made one-way. One road should be used for entry and other for exit. A third alternative is to open new roads to enter Ramalinga Nagar in K.K. Pudur via Thadagam Road and via NSR Road.

T.V. Natarajan,

K.K. Pudur.

Speed breakers

I wonder what purpose will speed breakers serve as far as town buses are concerned. Town bus drivers are not concerned about speed breakers and they try their vehicles’ endurance on them at high velocity of speed. Passengers have to either hold tight the available bars or get ready to go for a parachute landing to test the rock hard seats.

If the bus is crowded, the landing may be soft. I agree that the speed breakers are not painted clearly to get noticed. But it is invariably the attitude of the drivers which is not passenger-friendly. The drivers should be instructed to reduce speed while negotiating a speed breaker. Authorities should ensure that the life of the vehicles and that of the commuters is prolonged.

D. Haemanthkumar Robert,

Avinashi Road

Computer course

Rotary Club of Coimbatore is doing a good work by helping senior citizens learn computer skills. However, I find that that the course is taught by NIIT at R.S. Puram on a fee of Rs. 4,750. A similar course is offered by Satyam Computers for Rs.165 in all their brousing centres. Many seniors will not be able to afford NIIT’s fee. Second, it is far away and many seniors will find it difficult to reach the training centre on time. Rotarians should have negotiated with NIIT and made the course free for senior citizens. They should also have arranged transport for them.

E. Sivasankaran,

Nanjundapuram Road.

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