R. Srikanth

Waiting in queue during rush hour an ordeal

CHENNAI: Six months after the extension of the Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) to Velachery, issue of return tickets at many of the stations is yet to begin.

What this means to the commuters is that they have to spend more time in queue to purchase tickets in both directions.

They are also deprived of the cost benefits that come along with a return ticket.

S. Ramakrishnan, a resident of Gandhi Nagar, who uses the MRTS services during weekends to visit the Marina, said that while return tickets were issued at all stations from Chennai Beach to Thirumailai, the facility had not been introduced at other stations, including Kasturba Nagar from where he takes the train. Perungudi, Taramani, Indira Nagar, Kotturpuram, Greenways Road and Mandaveli are the other MRTS stations where return tickets are not available. Such a situation prevails despite the growing popularity of the MRTS after its extension to Velachery, mainly on account of the service being fast and convenient .

R.Damodharan, a commuter from Perungudi, said that one of the key advantages of return tickets was the saving up of a few rupees on the fare. Confirming that the return tickets were not being issued at many of the MRTS stations, a spokesperson of Southern Railway attributed it to a delay in the printing of the tickets.

She, however, added that action was being initiated to speed up the process to begin issue of the tickets by this month-end.