M. Balaganessin

Free flow of traffic along Bharathidasan Salai gets clogged

TIRUCHI: The junction of the Heber Road and the Bharathidasan Salai in the city near where the District Court and shopping complexes are located witnesses frequent traffic snarls, despite the intervention of traffic police personnel.

The presence of four bus-stops for city buses in the vicinity and the usage of Heber Road stretch by mofussil buses to reach Central Bus Stand via Milaguparai have hampered effective traffic management.

The free flow of traffic along the wide Bharathidasan Salai gets clogged after reaching this particular junction due to the narrowness of the Heber Road.

A couple of bus stops along the Heber Road stretch and the usage of the little space between the shopping complexes and the road for parking purposes add to the traffic congestion.

Difficulties faced by the differently-abled persons visiting the office of the District Disabled Rehabilitation Officer, located beside the District Court campus, is most palpable, while alighting or boarding buses at the nearby bus stops.

Nearby road closed

They face an ordeal before reaching the office from there.

Most often, they cross the road in groups that would be led by members with partial vision.

Closure of the nearby Reynolds Road over the past fortnight has led to increase in the volume of traffic, particularly two-wheelers, along the Heber Road, say traffic police personnel.

Also, due to this, the automatic traffic signal near the MGR statue is underutilised. Earlier to the closure, the Reynolds Road could absorb the traffic to a considerable extent.

The difficulty for traffic policemen is that they are unable to position themselves at a vantage point at the junction to regulate traffic due to space constraint.