Special Correspondent

Thanjavur: None of the architectural members at the Big temple at Thanjavur was broken due to conservation work said Sathyabama Badrinath, Superintending Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India, on Monday.

She told The Hindu that the conservation work was being monitored by technical experts from institutes such as Indian Institute of Technology. She said that a portion of the northern corridor measuring 29 metres in length at the Big Temple had sunk due to unequal distribution of load.

Most of the structural members such as ceiling, slabs, beams, pillars had broken. Most of the pillars exposed to rain were also damaged, unable to carry the load. Strengthening of the foundation has to be necessarily taken up. Before starting conservation work, photo and drawing documentation of all structural members was carried out. As the inscriptions in the Big temple at Thanjavur had been well documented and photographed before taking up conservation work, there was no question of losing any inscription, she said.