The southern side of Kumbakonam Railway station where the RMS is located is dark. The road leading to the RMS via Christ The King School is full of pits and potholes. Pedestrians find it difficult to reach the railway station from this side. Why does the Railway not care about this passage?

C. Gurunathan,


Another bitter experience

This refers to a letter which appeared in the ‘Readers Mail’ column (The Hindu, April 29) regarding the bitter experience of a passenger at the hands of driver and conductor of a State Transport Corporation bus. The authorities take no notice of such grievances from the public, even if it is reported in writing. Once a conductor bluntly refused to give me balance amount of Rs.81. He claimed that he had given me the balance immediately after issuance of the ticket and called me a liar. In spite of the plea of other passengers, the conductor was adamant. He suggested that I write to the depot where he would render the excess amount if any. Accordingly, I wrote to Depot Manager of Nagapattinam. In spite of many reminders, there was no response.

G. Vedarajan,


Update telephone directory

I refer to my letter published in your issue of October 30, 2007 mentioning that the last time BSNL, Thanjavur, distributed its directory was in 2003, with entries corrected up to December 31,2002. Though it is now more than five years old, the subscribers have to make do with it despite the fact that a lot of additions and deletions have been necessitated since then. This obsolete directory has to be replaced expeditiously. As the department seems to be apathetic to subscribers’ woes, I feel if some other subscribers too raise their voice in this regard, a solution will emerge at an early date. Will they? Won’t they?

Vengarai S. Raman,


Overspeeding vehicles

Vehicles, particularly two-wheelers, proceed at a great speed on the Municipal Colony Main Road. Many lanes and sub-lanes merge with this road at various points and the speeding vehicles cause a nightmarish experience to other road-users, particularly those proceeding on cycles and by walk. I request the authorities to put speed-breakers on this road.

S. Baba,


Buses for Karaikal Beach needed

A lot of people visit Karaikal Beach every day. I request the transport department to operate adequate buses to the beach from Karaikal town.



Electricity bill

It is learnt that the Vallam Panchayat Union in Villupuram district had not been paid the power consumption charges by schools from education funds.

The Headmasters of the respective schools had been remitting the same from their salaries.

The teaching and non-teaching staffs of Panchayat Unions were provincialised from June 1,1981 and their salaries paid from the state funds. In view of this, the Government ordered that the education funds of Panchayat Union Schools should be utilised for the maintenance and repair works of schools which was not done as per the periodicity register and resulted in surplus funds

The government should, therefore, call for the receipts and charges of the educational funds from June 1, 1981 and clarify to rural local bodies to remit electricity charges of their respective schools, from the education funds (under maintenance) and take up the periodical maintenance works and thereby safeguard the students’ interest in our state. Let not the Headmasters and teachers be treated as tenants.

R.S. Moorthy,


Buses stopping everywhere

The State Transport Corporation is running point to point buses in almost all the routes in Tamil Nadu but the system is not followed by drivers and conductors. They stop at every point and pick up passengers, causing delay to officegoers and school children. I request the transport authorities to give strict instructions to the staff to adhere to the system.

K. Santhanam,


Make bridge fences with steel girders

Buses and lorries falling from the bridges, killing many people, has become the order of the day.

The main reason is that the government, which is investing crores of rupees in building bridges, is not ready to invest on the fences of the bridges. Invariably, all the bridges have been provided with two and half feet concrete fencings which are not at all serving the purpose. The fencing should be such that the buses/lorries which are hitting the fences should not fall from the bridge.

The old Cauvery bridge fencing is an ideal one. It is imperative that the fences of the bridges should be made of steel girders and the height of the fences should be at least 6 feet.

Only then will vehicles not fall. So, on a war footing, the concrete fences of bridges should be replaced with steel girders to avoid loss of life. H. Ghouse Baig