S.R. Ashok Kumar

CHENNAI: Actor Chinni Jayanth has come out with a telefilm titled ‘Engey Avan’.

The film, about one-hour-and-thirty-minutes long, stars well-known faces of the big and small screen. The story revolves around a scientist, Askaladi Allasundaram (Kumarimuthu), living in Chennai.

He has a son named Guru (Chinni Jayanth). The scientist is in the process of inventing a solution which would, if applied, turn a man into a monkey. But he ends up inventing a solution which makes a person or living thing invisible.

Unaware of this invention of his father, Guru drinks the solution on his birthday. He vanishes instantly. The strange aspect of this solution is that all the persons in the same situation as the person who consumed the solution will be able to see him, but he will be invisible to the others. Does his father discover a solution for the problem? This forms the rest of the plot.

Moser Baer has brought out the VCD, released by actor Manorama.