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Villagers should participate in gram sabha meetings: Collector

Dharmapuri: Sanitation, poverty alleviation schemes and abolition of child labour formed the focus of discussions at the Gram sabha meetings held in all the 251 village panchayats in the district on Thursday to coincide with May Day.

Collector P. Amudha participated in the meeting held at Kosapatti panchayat.

Budget ratified

The budget was ratified at the meeting and various resolutions were passed pertaining to the development of the village.

Addressing the meeting, the Collector said that villagers should participate in the gram sabha meetings so that they could know about the progress of various development works in the concerned panchayats.

Development works

They should also actively take part and raise questions about various development works.

The Collector discussed with the people about the implementation of the National Employment Guarantee Scheme.

A person would be paid wage up to Rs.80 under the scheme. The Collector also stressed on the importance of toilets and personal hygiene.

The Government was providing an incentive of Rs.1, 200 for construction of toilets.

Teachers and elected heads of local bodies should educate the community on personal hygiene.

She exhorted panchayat presidents and SHGs to enrol all out-of-school children in appropriate schools and make the panchayat Child labour free.


The villagers adopted resolutions to eliminate child labour and also to protect water resources.

They also expressed their readiness to construct individual household toilets and clear plastic waste from water bodies and create awareness among locals on HIV/AIDS.

Senior officials took part in the meetings.