A few months ago I shifted my residence to a new address which falls under a rural area in Karur as per the guidelines issued by the BSNL. Address proof submitted to the BSNL to shift my phone to the new premises clearly disclosed that my new residence comes under rural area.

But still the BSNL is levying monthly rent in their bill on urban area basis. On enquiry, the officials informed that due to over sight they did not switch over the rent category in their computer. They added that from the next bill onwards rent would be levied on rural area basis. When I asked about set off of excess rent collected from me in the past bills, no one gave a proper reply.

When BSNL adopts a policy to recover arrears from their subscribers , why not excess rent collected from subscribers be adjusted in the successive bills?

Will the authorities look into this matter?

SP. Murugappan


Property tax

In the face of soaring inflation, it is not the right time to make an upward revision of house tax. Those living in rented house are also bound to suffer as the land lords will be constrained to raise the rental amount. Will the authorities take note of the above and postpone collection of higher property tax until inflation and price rise are brought under control.

R. Ramaiah,


New train to Nagore

It is heartening to note that the long pending gauge conversion work in the Tiruvarur-Nagore section has been completed at last. The Railways has already announced the extension of the Bangalore-Salem passenger train to Nagore once the BG works were completed. I request the Railway Minister to introduce a over night train from Thiruvananthapuram to Nagore for the benefit of the devotees visiting Velankanni, Nagore and Tirunallar from the Southern districts of Tamil Nadu and also from Kerala.

V. Murugesan,


Doctors’ attitude

This is with reference to the attitude of doctors in Mayiladuturai Government Hospital towards emergency cases. Most of the emergency cases brought to Mayiladuturai GH are directed to either Kumbakonam or Thanjavur Government hospitals citing inadequate facilities. The worst is even first aid is not given to many patients. To cover the absence of doctors during duty hours cases were directed Thanjavur or Kumbakonam. Inadequate staff, poor sanitation condition, unhygienic atmosphere adds to the woe of the suffering people.

I request the higher authorities to conduct surprise inspection of this GH and take stringent action against erring staff.

R. Ganesan,