Staff Reporter

DINDIGUL: Children in the government schools have now started learning subjects in a variety of ways. Innovative teaching methods and a sensitive approach have made remarkable transformation in the attitude, mindset, behaviour and understanding capacity of children.

Thanks to the implementation of activity-based learning system at primary levels and active learning methodology at upper primary levels in government schools in the district.

Elegant expression

There was no trace of fear or hesitation on their faces. Tiny tots have started smiling, toddling, speaking and expressing their thoughts among themselves and with the guests elegantly at an ABL class room.

With no stress, strain or mental pressure, they answered the queries raised by the Collector R. Vasuki, who visited Government Boys’ Higher Secondary School to take part in a Village Education Committee meeting held here on Wednesday.

While interacting with their mothers in the meeting, Ms. Vasuki said that sensitive approach and multiple learning kits captured the attention of children and nurtured their mental growth. The main reason for this remarkable change was that teachers did not force children to learn by rote.

Programme designing

Instead, they allowed children to learn and understand a subject in their own way. Later, children were asked to design a programme chart on the knowledge they gained through learning. Such efforts made them understand the subjects clearly, thus wiping out fear from their hearts, she added. “The ABL and ALM are a leap from one-way lecture to a meaningful interaction between students and teachers.”