Staff Reporter

Coimbatore: Cross Cut Road merchants have appealed to the administration to revive the old system of allowing parking of vehicles especially four-wheelers on the road.

In a memorandum, they urged the administration, Corporation and the city police to permit parking of four-wheelers considering the future and livelihood of small merchants.


The merchants pointed out that while big and major complexes have their own parking space, small merchants could not afford to create parking space in such a core business area. The merchants have decided that they would have their vehicles parked in the Corporation parking slot near 8th Street market. They have pleaded that customers also be allowed to park their vehicles on Cross Cut Road.Till Fourth Street on Cross Cut Road with the road being narrow, parking could be banned. Thereafter from the 5th Street entrance, parking could be allowed as usual so that the business of small merchants was not affected.


With the pavements on either side of the Cross Cut road being a surface with undulations, it had become unusable thereby encouraging pavement dwellers and hawkers to encroach upon the pavement.

Vehicular traffic

With high tension electricity board posts occupying a substantial area on Cross Cut Road, the space could not be used for ensuring smooth vehicular flow.

Hence, the sandwiched space between high tension electric posts could be used for parking of vehicles, the merchants added.