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It is likely to be installed soon

Mammography machine will cost around Rs. 22 lakh

It may be installed under ‘Namakku Namme Thittam’

ERODE: “A mammography machine is essential for Erode Government Headquarters Hospital and this would be installed soon in the hospital with contribution from women members and women organisations through the Patients Welfare Society,” said the District Collector T. Udhaychandran on Tuesday.


He was participating in the Hospital Day programme that was organised at Erode Government Headquarters Hospital.

The Collector said, “Erode Government Headquarters Hospital is one of the best Government Hospitals in Erode and all the wards, especially the ophthalmic ward, maternity and child care ward are functioning efficiently.”

He said already the Erode Government Headquarters Hospital had two dialysis units, an endoscope and reverse osmosis plants and facilities donated by philanthropists of Erode.

If the mammography machine was installed at the place, it would be very useful for women who came to the hospital in order to undergo screening for diseases and also for treatment of ailments.

He said a mammography machine would cost around Rs. 22 lakh.

Hundreds of nursing women students, college women students and women’s organisations were granting voluntary donations for the mammography machine that was likely to be installed in the hospital very soon.

He said that it was likely to be installed under the ‘Namakku Namme Thittam’ through the Patients Welfare Society.

He thanked the banking sector and others who had made liberal donation of furniture and beds to the hospital, for the benefit of patients.

He said a representation has been made to the Government to provide a C-Arm Table to perform surgeries to road accident victims.

The Collector appealed to Government Hospital doctors, nurses and employees to behave patiently with the patients and do service for them, not to harass them financially and also not to tease the patients.


The Joint Director of Medical Services Dr. V. Nagarajan, the Hospital Superintendent Dr. K.K.A. Hussain Ali, Senior Civil Surgeon, Ophthalmic Surgeon M. Ravikumar, Dr. Sengottiyan, President of the Erode Idhayam Narpani Movement Trust S.V. Mahadevan and others spoke.

The Collector distributed certificates to the students and colleges for their liberal donation to the Patients Welfare Society for the purchase of equipment for the hospital.