Saplings are being planted along Dindigul Road at Ponnager and Karumandapam by Tiruchi Corporation. It is a welcome move. However, an electric cable runs overhead. Once the trees grow, TNEB staff will chop them off. A little coordination will help.

V. Ramaprasad,

Dindigul Road


Unauthorised passengers travel in reserved compartments in Pallavan Express. They sit near the doors and cause inconvenience to bona fide passengers. Recently, when I was travelling by the train, a family with children occupied the space near the doorway. Due to this, I could not get down at Villupuram junction to get water, snacks etc. Even railway employees travel in this fashion. I request the railway authorities to check the menace.

S. Sivaraman,


‘Extend rail section’

This has reference to S. Gopalan’s letter (Reader’s Mail, February 12) suggesting the extension of Mayiladuturai- Villupuram rail section up to Cuddalore. If it happens, it will be a boon to everyone.

Kumbakonam-Chennai Express running via Tiruchi can be operated via Mayiladuturai-Cuddalore-Vridhachalam section. Mayiladuturai-Mysore Express can be operated via Cuddalore-Neyveli- Vridhachalam-Attur-Salem section for the convenience of passengers in the route. This will avoid traffic congestion at Tiruchi. Moreover, Rock Fort Express and Mysore Express can leave from Tiruchi.

The city residents can heave a sigh of relief, once the two express trains are restored to their original status of starting from Tiruchi.

M. Gopalakrishnan,

Thillai Nagar

Unfortunate animals

I was waiting at Musiri town for a bus to return to Tiruchi, when I saw an open truck in which more than 50 buffaloes were being herded with their necks tied with big ropes. I was shocked to find the police constable at the Kaikatti junction simply watching the lorry speed away without making any efforts to stop it.

I appeal to Blue Cross and the Collector to take effective steps to save the mute, hapless and most unfortunate animals.

P.S. Subramanian,


‘Guide pedestrians’

It is unfortunate that pedestrians are run over by vehicles. Invariably, it is the fault of the pedestrians, who do not follow the rules. They should be guided to walk on the right side of the road, facing the oncoming traffic, and not on the left.

The police should create awareness among pedestrians.

I stay on Dindugul Road and when I request pilgrims to walk on the correct side, they say the police have instructed them to do otherwise.

R. Goutam,

Dindigul Road


Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple in Srirangam is well-known for ‘nityotsavam,’ which means it is a temple of daily festivals. The ‘utsavar’ is taken on procession almost everyday with traditional pomp and pageantry in and around the town.

A large number of devotees throng the temple and the street for darshan of Lord Ranganatha.

The street from the main rajagopuram to “Sri Ranga, Ranga, Ranga” main entrance on the southern gate is hardly 300 metres long and 15 metres wide.

The platforms are fully encroached by shops. Besides, cycles and two wheelers are parked in front of the shops.

There are two mandapams and two gopurams in between the rajagopuram and main entrance. Before the “purappadu” and after the deity goes inside the temple, there is a virtual stampede on the main street, as all devotees try to return at the same time.

I appeal to the police and civic authorities to enforce “no entry” for all vehicles, 30 minutes before “purappadu” and after the deity goes inside the temple. The shopkeepers should volunteer to keep the platforms clean at least during this time.

N. Rangarajan


Honking drivers

Everybody undergoes a nightmarish experience while driving around the city. Unmindful of the rules, bus drivers honk the horns continuously. When rules prohibit such blatant violation, what prevents the Traffic Police to book the offenders?

T.M. Renganathan,


Wasteful expenditure

As usual, schools have started organising annual day functions. Huge amounts are wasted in organising the functions and inviting VVIPS. Lights illuminate the approach roads for a festive look.

Money is collected from students and they are forced to stay from noon to night on the day of the function.

The amount spent on the functions can be utilised to improve academic standards. The government should issue guidelines to avoid the extravaganza.

P.K. Raman,

Ayyappa Nagar

Misuse of bridges

The city is getting a facelift with new bridges. But it is sad to see people misusing the space under the bridges for parking rickshaws and installing stalls.

Sometimes, they are used as lavatories. The government has a proposal to make the vacant places into gardens. But it has not been implemented.

After 6 p.m., it is difficult to cross the bridges due to poor maintenance. Will the authorities do the needful?

A.G. Nihal Basha,


Yet to receive cheque

I, along with my wife, notified the Official Liquidator (Kuralagam) of RBF Ltd, with a copy to M/s RBF Ltd, Royapettah, about the change in our residential address from Kolkata to Srirangam and requested them to send the repayment cheque for the sixth instalment to the new address. While my wife got the repayment cheque against her deposits in RBF Ltd, I have not received mine in favour against my deposits.

I have written a number of letters and reminders to the OL and RBF Ltd, Royapettah, about non-receipt of the cheque. Calls to RBF Office draws no response.

I have been running from pillar to post to get the cheque but all my efforts are in vain. I do not know whom to approach to get the cheque for the sixth instalment.

R. Meenakshi Sundaram,