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TNSTC has increased the charge without permission

Coimbatore: The Coimbatore Consumer Cause has protested against the collection of extra fare in town bus services by the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) in the name of air bus, luxury bus and deluxe bus.


In a memorandum to the District Collector and Regional Transport Authority, secretary of Coimbatore Consumer Cause K. Kathirmathiyon said that during the last month, the TNSTC had introduced semi low floor town buses in some of the routes in the city and the buses were termed air bus, luxury bus, semi low floor bus and deluxe bus. There were no norms or definition available for these category of buses.

The minimum fare collected in these buses was Rs. 5 while it was Rs. 2 earlier. This was done without any approval from the competent authority.

Mr. Kathirmathiyon said that new permits were not obtained from the Transport Department and the new buses were only replacement of existing vehicles.

Such replacements were regularly carried out both by TNSTC and private operators as well. These buses were to be operated only as per the permit issued earlier. The TNSTC (operator) was not authorised to alter, change the type, class of operation on its own. As per the permit issued to them, those vehicles were to ply as ordinary town buses and hence operating of these buses in different name and collection of excess fare was illegal.

Fare table

The fare table was not approved by the Transport Department. Non display of approved fare tables was a clear violation of Rule 176 (3) of Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicles Rules 1989.

When a particular bus was ‘converted,’ those travelled regularly in it were forced to pay excess fare.Mr. Kathirmathiyon wanted to know what type of luxury that passengers could enjoy by standing in these buses.

As per Rule 3 of Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Rules there were only two classification of service – Ordinary Service and Express Service.


Since there were no norms/criteria/definition for luxury buses, any bus could be named as ‘Luxury’ and collect exorbitant fare. Hence the practice of collecting excess fare should be stopped immediately, he said.