Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: Two of the trustees of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, England, delivered lectures on “Facing a World in Crisis” at Vasanta Vihar, the late philosopher J. Krishnamurti’s home in Chennai, on Saturday.

Mary Cadogan, who had personally known and worked with Krishnamurti since the 1950s, shared her memories of him. She met him in the post-war London, in a period that was as fraught with uncertainty as the current age, and in a world that seemed to be as much in crisis as it is today. Mr. Krishnamurti’s teachings would be as valid today as they were then, she said.

David Skitt is the editor of the newly launched book, “Facing a World in Crisis: What Life Teaches Us in Challenging Times.” It is based on talks by Mr. Krishnamurti. Mr. Skitt said: “We are facing a global crisis partly because the world is more interdependent and also because of the danger of blind beliefs.” To deal with such crisis, the key was to understand the human mind. “To those people who say, I have enough on my plate without thinking of world crisis, I would say: what is happening psychologically on my plate is what is happening psychologically on my planet,” said Mr. Skitt.

The lectures, hosted by the Krishnamurti Foundation, India, and the Krishnamurti Trust, Madras, were part of an annual series held under the auspices of the Centre for Continuing Dialogue of the Foundation.