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Technology will continue to fuel eye care in the future: Cagle

“Possibilities exist to bring new products to the market and to make them widely available”

CHENNAI: The Senior Vice-President, Alcon Research and Development, Gerald D. Cagle, urged Sankara Nethralaya and the Medical Research Foundation (MRF) to contribute to the state-of-the-art eye care at a global level through new product concepts.

He said technology will continue to fuel eye care in the future and the intellectual efforts of the two institutions would have benefit and value.

Delivering the 14th V. Venugopal Endowment lecture organised by the MRF and Vision Research Foundation (VRF), Dr.Cagle said possibilities existed to bring new products to the market and to make them widely available.

Speaking on the theme “Product-Oriented Research: Opportunities and Challenges of Industry-Academic Collaborations,” Dr. Cagle observed that eye care needed new and innovative products to push the envelope of science and technology to continue to gain patient-perceived advantages in the field in which the common interest was shared.

Pat for Badrinath

He commended the signal contribution made by S.S. Badrinath, president and Chairman Emeritus of the Foundation and his team of doctors and staff of Sankara Nethralaya.

He said with the capabilities that existed at Sankara Nethralaya and the MRF in both surgical and therapeutic areas, worthwhile ideas could be translated into useful products through collaboration with industry.

Industrial-academic relationships

Dr.Cagle also stressed the growing importance of industrial-academic relationships in the development of new modalities of therapy for the eye. T.S. Surendran, Vice-Chairman, Sankara Nethralaya, traced the long standing association of Sankara Nethralaya and Alcon Research and Development on varied research and development activities.