The Mullai Nagar NGO ‘B’ Colony of Ward No. 27 of Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation is a fast developing area because of its proximity to New Veinthankulam Bus Stand, R.T. O. office, shops and schools. But the street situated on the eastern side of Mullai Nagar, running north to south, has not so far been provided with street lights. Though the Mullai Nagar came up in mid-80s and a number of petitions have been sent to the authorities, streetlights have not been provided. The people living in surrounding colonies besides those residing in the area use the streets in Mullai Nagar to go to shops and other places in the N.G.O. Colony Main Road. The residents find it difficult to pass the streets during night hours. It is requested that the Corporation and the Electricity Board look into the matter .

M. Ganesan & S. Nallasivan,


Dangerous junctions

In Tuticorin, the arterial road connecting the old bus stand with the new bus stand has four dangerous junctions. As there are no traffic lights at the junctions, traffic jams reign supreme here putting pedestrians and motorists to inconvenience. Further, potholed and damaged roads en route are only adding to the woes. Therefore, I request the authorities to take steps to install traffic lights or islands at the junctions.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


Gold price

There is an old saying in Tamil that if five or six female children are born to a king, he will become a poor (Aandi). The report in The Hindu on January 12, 2008 that gold price may cross Rs.12,000 mark reminded me of the saying and of the female infanticide in Tamil Nadu. If the Sensex crosses 25,000 points in 2008, it will not be of a great concern to a man of meagre means. Both gold and sensex may turn safe bets for the investors in 2008 but not for the suffering lot. Many, including Union Finance Minister, would remember how the gold price was played havoc in the electoral battles in the 70s in Tamil Nadu. The then prime minister, Morarji Desai, was tempted to sell the gold stock with the Government but with little consequence. Because of their sentimental attachment to the gold, the poor may easily be exploited.



Dynasty rule

Hereditary succession to power and party is a curse on democracy. It is negation of democracy. The argument projected by ‘vested interests’ as successor is more fit than any other is false and purposeful. Whatever said against hereditary succession to power will not be followed. Only an amendment to constitution to ban such hereditary succession on any projected merit will terminate it.