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The association hails government move for regulatory framework

The industry, with about 150 members, set up an association in 1999

CHENNAI: The Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries (IAAPI) has clarified that while it welcomes the State government’s initiative to put up a regulatory framework, it would like to provide an overview of the industry which became an organised sector in 1996.

In a press release here, the association said the amusement park industry is a tourism booster, giving healthy, wholesome entertainment, encouraging sports and culture, offering interactive, participative and educative forms of entertainment to the whole family. The amusement parks fulfil a social need and encourage family bonding and enhance relationship.

The industry, with about 150 members, set up an association in 1999 and monitors the growth of its members.

Free training

The IAAPI conducts free periodical training to member institutions at the middle level, especially related to safety aspects and including customer relations to upgrade skills.

The association has given input in the formation of standards by the Bureau of Indian Standards for the amusement park industry.

For the past two years the industry is following these standards and has been suggesting that member bodies take ‘safety certificates’ from established and designated organisations such as Micon.

Some members have already availed themselves of the certification, the release said.