K. Lakshmi

CHENNAI: There are gymnasiums aplenty to keep the physique fit. But, have you come across a gym dedicated to wellness of the mind?

A resident of Ambattur, Sitalakshmi Seshadrinathan has developed a website www.gymnasiumforbrain.com with the objective to hone the analytical and logical skills of students and professionals.

The brainchild of Ms. Seshadrinathan opens up a new world of simple but exciting puzzles based on maths. The aim is to make maths learning a fun activity, including through the “Dots and Patterns” segment that seeks to sharpen the creative skills of youngsters. Ms. Seshadrinathan, with over three decades of experience as a maths teacher, developed the website a year ago to help the students to get rid of their fear of the subject. “The site helps students apply their maths knowledge gained in classrooms and also those who find it difficult to face aptitude tests in various examinations,” she said. The website was developed to share the knowledge gained through several years of teaching experience with the students, she added.

From the 45 puzzles posted at the time of its launch, the website now has 104 puzzles. “I plan to post about 500 puzzles in two years. It takes two days to develop a puzzle,” said Ms. Seshadrinathan, who completed a course in basic animation to give shape to her dream of a website on analytical skills. She also plans to add more mind activities in the website that has about 120 members now.