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Use pesticides based on pest attack indication: Official

MADURAI: Joint Director of Agriculture (in-charge) S. Sevugaperumal has advised farmers to make judicious use of available water so that there is sufficient storage in the Vaigai dam till ear-head formation.

In a statement, he said that water should not be wasted by stagnating it on the field.

He cautioned the farmers that the paddy crop could be attacked by fulgarid and paddy blast due to the foggy nights.

Pesticides should be used based on the indication of attack of the pests.

The Deputy Director (Quality Control), S. Radhakrishnan, said over-usage of fertilizers would not bring more yield.

Seventeen kg urea and 4 kg Potash should be used for the first dressing for an acre.

The second and third dressings should be of 33 kg of urea and 8 kg of potash each. The four dressing should contain 17 kg of urea and 4 kg of potash.

The interval between each dressing should be 15 days. Neem cake can also be mixed with the fertilizer.