Armed police security has been provided to the Integrated Courts Complex in Sathuvachari from Monday, in the wake of the series of criminal activities which took place in the courts complex, the latest being an attempt to kill a murder case accused who was coming out after appearing in the Fast-Track Court last Tuesday.

A. Kayalvizhi, Superintendent of Police, Vellore district, told The Hindu that police security in the complex would be a permanent feature. Three each of armed policemen belonging to the Armed Reserve would be guarding the front and rear gates of the complex, while Sathuvachari Police Inspector and four head constables from other police stations would be monitoring the movement of persons in the courts complex along with the Vellore Town Deputy Superintendent of Police on a daily basis, she said.

After discussions with judicial officers in the Integrated Courts Complex, she would take a decision on sending a proposal to the government for the establishment of a police outpost in the courts complex to maintain law and order.