Why Early Childhood Education is Indispensable for your Child?

Raj Ganesh, founder of Arise ‘n’ Shine International School says that In his childhood period, there was no formal early childhood education program other than his parents’ nurturing.  He was fortunate to have received the best attention in spite of having both working parents. The first few years are the most critical season to develop a strong foundation in your childl.

The primary purpose of early childhood education is to provide highest quality of care and nurturance at the young age to stimulate the emotional and physical needs of the children.  Parents play an integral part of the early childhood education process.  If a child does not receive adequate nurturing, parental interaction and stimulus during this crucial period, the child may leave with a developmental underperformance that impedes his or her success in kindergarten and beyond. For most working parents it is a challenge to give their best time and attention to their children. Like in the western countries, there are several day care and preschool centers in the neighborhood that can be approached based on your child’s requirements. Day care and child care do not embrace educational aspects.

And early childhood education is not just about ‘A’ for Apple, ‘B’ for Boy and learning numbers. It is about developing better social skills, teaching life skills by imparting innovative and creative preschool experience using a practical learning method.  There is a lot of creative expression and hands-on activities such as show ‘n’ tell, games, story time, artwork, music, role-play in order to nurture the child’s imagination and learning. The teachers have to be trained to assess each child on their life skills and provide individual nurturing. A child attending a quality preschool program develops a greater aptitude to focus and is well able to integrate socially as an adult.

Arise ‘n’ Shine International School, established in North America, has developed a structured hybrid early childhood education program for children in the age group 2 years and above. The school was established in 2003 in North America.

They hear from their parents that their children not only love going to school but they are raised in a nurturing environment. Arise ‘n’ Shine have centers across Tamil Nadu and now spread its wings in Bangalore.  For more details visit their website at www.myarisenshine.com