Tamil Nadu Government Nursing Assistant Association has urged the government to appoint adequate and trained paramedical staff in the designated areas at Annal Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital. In a statement issued here on Monday, G.Govindasamy, State president of the association, said as per a GO, the government had removed the category of nursing assistant, and merged sanitary workers, hospital workers, and nursing assistants into one category as ‘multipurpose hospital worker’. The association has alleged that the hospital has deployed untrained staff in the name of multipurpose hospital workers in crucial areas such as operation theatres, obstetrics and gynaecology, and orthopaedic departments. The number of staff is not in proportion to the demand.

“The association has made repeated appeals to the government to post adequate and trained paramedical staff, but no action has been taken,” he said. “There are around 2,000 qualified nursing assistants, registered with the employment exchange, but with no employment opportunity,” he added. He also pleaded for the withdrawal of the GO.

When contacted, Vallinayagam, Dean, Annal Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital, said that the multipurpose hospital workers are imparted necessary training in all aspects. The employment of multipurpose hospital workers is a policy issue of the government.