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The proposals from the consultants to be opened on April 11

Chennai: The Chennai Corporation has started receiving applications from consultants to take up a detailed study of the stormwater drain network in the city.

The proposals from the consultants will be opened on April 11.

The consultancy firm selected would have to give a detailed project report on improving the potential of stormwater drains and floodwater carriers in the city.

Chennai has a road length of 2,870 km, but only 850 km of stormwater drains. The civic body has built new stormwater drains and desilted several kilometres of existing ones in the last year but several deficiencies remain.

The gradient of some stormwater drains is not conducive to smooth water flow and junctions where stormwater drains meet are sometimes not wide enough.

Things to be recommended

The consultants would also identify missing links in the network of drains and recommend where new ones need to be constructed.