Still a lot of distance needs to be covered for enrolling children from among the poor and deprived section of society in non-minority status schools in Karur district. Considering the procedural difficulties encountered by the school administrations, Department of School Education officials have decided to help the admission of the special category children by making available the application at the Chief Education Officer’s office here. As per the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act and according to the G.O. (MS) no. 60 dated April 1, 2013 of the Department of School Education, the non-minority status educational institutions are bound to set apart 25 per cent of the total seats available at the entry level to the under-privileged and deprived sections. However, parents of many such category applicants and certain schools found the going tough in getting clarifications to get enrolled under the norms.

To eradicate the difficulty the parents encounter in getting their wards enrolled in the quota, the applications will be available at the CEO office between June 3 and 12, and filled-in applications will be accepted at the same office till 5 p.m. of June 12.

The applications, to be submitted along with the required documents by the parents, received will be sorted according to the schools applied for, and processed in consultation with the educational institutions concerned and in case of higher demand than the seats available in that institution, candidates will be chosen through draw of lots. Institutions that defied the rules of the game would be dealt with severely and efforts would be made to get the permission granted to run the school withdrawn for failure to adhere to the guidelines, according to Collector S. Jayandhi.