Ajai Sreevatsan

Effective end to ban on permits

A senior Transport Department official also said that stricter regulatory mechanisms are in the offing

CHENNAI: The ban on the issue of autorickshaw permits has effectively come to an end as applicants started queuing up for permits at Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across the State on Friday.

This follows a government order that was passed earlier in the week stipulating that anyone with original documents to prove residential details can avail a permit after paying the application fee of Rs.375.

Additional requirement

Autorickshaws in the city will also have additional requirement of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) compliance. Transport Minister K.N. Nehru said that “no reservation” will be made based on any criteria.

“Autorickshaw unions have been asking for the permits to be given only to drivers. But many of the autorickshaw driver would not have the money to buy their own vehicle and will again go to financiers. It will get us back to the old system,” Mr. Nehru said.

A senior official at the Transport Department also said that stricter regulatory mechanisms are in the offing.

A uniform fare meter system will come into effect in the Chennai city shortly.

The formation of autorickshaw companies will be encouraged and competition will be used as the driving force for regulation.

Mr. Nehru said that once about 10,000 permits are issued under the new set of norms, stricter enforcement of a meter-driven fare system will be brought in.

“A meeting will be held shortly with all the autorickshaw unions,” Mr. Nehru added.