A team of fisheries department officials from Andhra Pradesh was exposed to captive breeding of marine ornamental fish at the Centre for Advanced Study in Marine Biology at Parangipettai.

They are here as the Andhra Pradesh coastal region is not endowed with much of coral reef which is an ideal breeding ground for wild varieties of marine ornamental fishes.

Crude methods

At present, those harvesting the wild varieties of marine ornamental fishes from the sea were employing crude methods of blasting dynamites or applying cyanide to stun the fishes, said P. Kiran Kumar, an official who underwent the five-day training programme.

Such over exploitation of marine resources by such rabid practices would endanger the coral reefs and deplete the ornamental fish stocks, causing serious ecological imbalances, he said.

At Parangipettai, they were given insight into various technologies such as fish collection, brood stock development, larval rearing and live feed culture.T

he demand for ornamental fish was soaring from the corporate sector, information technology sector, hospitality sector and also from the homesteads.

With the advent of the technology for preparing artificial sea water with manufactured salt, the day was not far off when marine aquarium would become the common feature everywhere.

The AP officials were yet to come to grips with the full impact of the artificial breeding of the marine ornamental fishes till they attended the training programme after which the team thinks that the are exciting prospects in taking up such a venture in their coast involving fisherfolk.

The team would impress upon the Andhra Pradesh government to depute a group of coastal community people to Parangipettai to get an exposure to the trade, he said. Centre’s director K. Kathiresan; T.T.Ajith Kumar, a faculty; RM.Kathiresan, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Annamalai University; L.Kannan, former Vice-Chancellor of Thiruvalluvar University were the resource persons.

The demand is soaring in corporate, IT and hospitality sectors