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The exhibition is on till Monday

CHENNAI: What's the connection between a beetle and a piece of pencil lead? The ENT section at an ongoing health exhibitiongives the answer. Insects, broken graphite bits and tiny stone fragments are among the objects that have been extricated from the human ear, posters tell you.

What are the factors that indicate a Caesarian section? Why is the CT scan the doctor prescribed important to a treatment plan? Why is the linear accelerator preferred to a Cobalt machine in modern cancer treatment? Visitors to the health expo organised by Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital at Pallikaranai are being initiated into the basic aspects of medicine through pavilions that focus on common concerns, ranging from safe pregnancy to childhood obesity.

The aim of the `KMH Health Expo `06' is to create awareness of basic medical facts among the public.

"We believe that a better informed public will command improved and ethical treatment models," said T.G. Govindarajan, President and Founder-Medical Director of the hospital.

Insurance cover as a prudent measure of budgeting healthcare is one of the messages that the expo is highlighting. "Certainly no one wants to fall ill. But, preparing oneself for a contingency can avoid a host of problems. And, many are unaware that one can insure even for old age or for a pre-existing medical condition by paying a slightly higher premium," Dr. Govindarajan said. Almost all 24 departments of the hospital are represented at the exhibition.

News for the heart

The cardiology unit has on display pacemakers and artificial heart valves. Posters decode the warning signs of a heart attack and how to deal with it.

The paediatrics section has a list of dos and don'ts to avoid childhood obesity and the nutrition unit serves up more food for thought on diets with 160 food stuffs flagged `green', `yellow' or `red' in terms of their impact on the body mass index.

The blood bank section provides tips on safe transfusion, expounds the logic of component therapy and encourages blood donation. The oncology, psychiatry and dentistry units have also participated in the show.

Students of classes 11 and 12 of nearby institutions, who also study anatomy and physiology respectively, are turning out in large numbers at the expo, the organisers said.

The exhibition, which coincides with the first anniversary celebration of the hospital, will be on from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. till Monday.