After the successful implementation of the one-way traffic system along the Alagar Koil Road and Ghokale Road, the traffic police are now examining the possibility of converting a small stretch between Aavin junction and Anna Bus Stand Road into a one-way, reliable sources said.

The proposal is, vehicles coming from K. K. Nagar Main Road which take a right turn to reach Anna Bus stand would be permitted to go straight towards Aravind Eye Hospital side and take a right turn near Priya Theatre Complex and reach Anna Bus stand. Similarly, vehicles coming from Gomathipuram side shall take a left turn at the Aavin junction and then take a right turn near Priya Complex and reach Anna Bus stand.

Police officers said that in a bid to decongest traffic in the northern side of the city, they had devised the one-way traffic on the Alagar Koil Road side a couple of months back. There are no glitches on implementation, but for a few representations from the pedestrians, who have requested for deploying police for crossing the road from one end to another.

With more and more new vehicles hitting the road on a rapid pace, the planners took up a study on the pattern of vehicle flow from Anna Bus stand side to Anna Nagar, K. K. Nagar and Gomathipuram and vice versa.

The vehicle movement at different timings showed that the non-peak hour had phenomenally fallen, which led to congestion on the stretch many times in a day, particularly in the forenoon and during evening hours. Traffic policemen had to rush to the spot to clear bottlenecks, which were mostly due to demonstrations or agitations held in front of the Thiruvalluvar Statue leading to Collector’s office. Whenever the stir was conducted by political parties, it was all the more problematic for even two-wheeler riders. The study showed the road adjacent to the Priya Complex, which is under utilised, could be put to use by motorists as it would facilitate free flow of traffic . Further, at the Aavin junction, the road leading to Anna Bus stand is relatively narrow on a few locations, when compared to the road leading to Aravind Eye Hospital. “Right from the Aavin Park to the Priya Complex, it is broad,” a policeman at the intersection said.

A police officer said that they would soon submit the one-way proposal at the Road Safety Committee meeting for its approval, which is chaired by District Collector Anshul Mishra and other senior officers. In all probability, it would come into force in a fortnight, he noted.

Aavin Junction to Anna Bus Stand stretch is being examined by traffic police, writes

L. Srikrishna