Will this housewife’s murder also remain unsolved, asks

S. Vijay Kumar

It is a murder similar to the one reported in Anna Nagar a few years back.

A. Nagajothi (21), a young housewife, was found dead with her throat slit shortly after noon at her residence in Khanpalayam on Thursday. While her husband was at work in a private company near Paravai, neighbours in the congested residential locality neither heard any cry nor remember having seen any stranger entering the house. The victim was last seen talking on her mobile a couple of hours before the murder.

R. Vani (21) of Anna Nagar was found murdered at her house in a similar fashion. Mathichiyam police, which investigated, described it as a “clueless” murder and the case remains unsolved till date. The victim’s husband was initially suspected, but there was no corroborating evidence. In both cases, there was no other body injury except the grievous wound on the throat.

In Thursday’s murder too, the jewellery wore by the deceased and other valuables in the house remained intact. When the Karimedu police dialled the last number recorded on Nagajothi’s mobile, it remained ‘switched off.’

“The only clue is the last few conversations of the victim on her mobile phone. Other angles such as personal enmity are also being looked into. The killer has used a pair of scissors to cut the woman’s throat. It is also possible that the killer might have used pillows to smother the victim. The post-mortem will reveal if the woman was sexually assaulted,” a police officer added.