Special Correspondent

THANJAVUR: Former Chief Minister Annadurai was a visionary whose literary works had a purpose of transforming the society, said K. Veeramani, president of Dravidar Kazhagam, here on Thursday.

Speaking at the Anna’s centenary seminar organised by the Translation department of Tamil University, Mr. Veeramani said that rationalism, casteless society, upliftment of downtrodden were some of the purposes of the writings, orations and dramas staged by Anna. He was a very good translator and translated books like The Man written by American author Irwing Wallace into Tamil for the common man.

Wallace wrote the book in 1964 and the main theme of the book was what would happen if a Black was elected as the US President. Anna translated this crisply in a Tamil book titled “White House” and gave the essence in less number of pages.

Mr. Veeramani released a book “Annavum Pavendharum” written by K. Vezhavendhan, former Minister and Chairman of Scientific Tamil Mandram. S. N. M. Ubayathullah, State Commercial Taxes Minister, received the first copy of the book.