Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: Geeks, quizzers and coders rejoice, say students of the College of Engineering, Anna University. Abacus '06, an international technical symposium, turns fifteen in February.

February 3 and 4 will offer around a thousand participants the opportunity to demonstrate technical (and other) skills to fellow students from across the world.

In the run-up to the event, the online programming contest may have up to 700 teams competing for a generous prize on January 29. Paper presentations, ramp walk of software projects, programming and debugging contests will be other avenues to display technical prowess. Quizzing, marketing and the plain old-fashioned talent of communication may be skills that the participants in Abacus '06 need to sharpen.

A treasure hunt is on the cards. The mega prize of a must-have gadget, the organisers are not saying what it is yet, will go to the Techno Tsar. The Tsar will be judged on a wide variety of criteria. A sparkling wit and `baffling skills' will help, say the organisers. They're not saying what that means either.

If you are an engineering student interested in displaying skill, in sharpening your wits or in the Rs. 40,000 available as prize money for various events, register online at Registration is also possible onsite at the desk.