To prevent elephants straying into habitations in search of fodder and water that paves way for human-animal conflict, the State government has allotted Rs. 20.76 crore for the year 2013-14 to raise fodder and create water tanks in the forests in the State, K.T. Pachamal, Minister for Forests said here on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters in Salem, he said that the fodder banks like bamboo saplings and water resources would be created inside the forests at particular places so that it that would prevent elephants straying out of forest and disturbing the people.

He said that water will be made available in the troughs that were located in the border areas between forest and human habitations so that elephants do not move out of forest and into villages where there might be conflict with people.

Mr. Pachamal said that Horticulture Department would be roped in for the above purpose and the scheme would be carried out across the forest land in the State. “It would reduce the human-animal conflict,” he added.

- Staff Reporter