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Nagercoil: The Department of Health has formed village self sanitation and town panchayat sanitation committees in different parts of the district to check the outbreak of contagious diseases, if any in future, due to the rainy season, said the Deputy Director for Health, Madusoohdanan.

Speaking to The Hindu he said that only three deaths were reported owing to Swine flu in Kanyakumari district.

Necessary steps had already been taken to bring it under control by sanitising the rural areas and controlling the mosquito menace.

Now the health department was concerned about the outbreak of other contagious diseases like dengue, chickungunya, filaria. Nine block health sanitation workers had already been appointed in the district to monitor the outbreak, if any.

There were 36 primary health centres in different parts of the district and all theses were provided with adequate doctors, paramedical staff and medicines.

Report of outbreak

Apart from that there were 250 village health nurses and 60 health inspectors, three entomological officials under the supervision of one entomologist to report to the department of health about the outbreak of any diseases, if the situation warranted immediate action, he said.

There was no outbreak of any such diseases in the district except a few isolated cases.

The department was conducting health education activities in co-operation with the members of self help groups, non-governmental organisations, village level self sanitation committees, town panchayat sanitation committees, local bodies to create awareness among the public about health related activities, which evoked a good response.

Fogging operation to eliminate mosquito menace was in progress throughout the district.

More than 20,000 pamphlets had already been distributed to the public about the mosquito menace and how to get eradicate this menace and on how to keep the environment free from all kinds of pollution, said Mr. Madusoohdanan.