Collector V. Sampath has categorically said that officials should hereafter not only affix signatures in Tamil but also carry out all official communication in Tamil.

He was speaking at a seminar on “Tamil as official language” organised under the aegis of the Tamil Development Department here on Wednesday.

Mr. Sampath emphatically said, “From today, the district administration will carry out all official communications only in Tamil.” Tamil is known for its rich repertoire of scientific and medical terminologies. Therefore, the sayings of Kaniyan Poongundranar that, “All places are ours and all people are our kin,” etched boldly in the United Nations hall.

He pointed out that the Japanese had the habit of publishing all their scientific inventions in their mother-tongue and the people of Tamil Nadu should also imbibe such zeal towards Tamil language.

Mr. Sampath called upon the officials to cooperate in the implementation of official language policy.

Assistant Director (Salem region) of Tamil Development Department Rajendran, assistant professor of Mayilam Tamil College Iyappan, Deputy Block Development Officer Chockanathan and poet C.Vikraman were present.