: The district consumer disputes redressal forum here has asked Indian Airlines Limited to refund the fare of a ticket worth Rs. 15,260 and pay a fine of Rs. 5000 to a teacher in a city college, after she won a case against the airlines for deficient service.

M. S. Kichlu, a Reader in the department of sociology in Madura College, here had purchased tickets in Indian Airlines for a to and fro journey to Delhi. She travelled to Delhi on February 15, 2007 and was supposed to travel back to Madurai on February 22, 2007 with a confirmed return ticket she had purchased for the 6 p.m. flight. Because her work did not get over on time, she contacted the airlines to transfer the confirmation of the ticket to the flight that was to leave Delhi at 8.10 p.m.

After initially agreeing to the request the airlines declined to oblige her after she reached the airport. “I had to buy a new ticket at a cost of Rs 15,265 for the 8.10 p.m. flight. The airlines asked me to take a flight to Madurai on February 24, 2007 if I had to travel with my confirmed ticket”, she said while seeking compensation.