The All India Moovendar Munnani Kazhagam has thanked the Central Government for deciding to conduct a caste-wise census. In a statement issued here on Friday, its president, N. Sethuraman said that AIMMK has initiated several measures during the last five years to get it done. A head count to identify the poor, including their caste and religion, was on Thursday approved by the government, a meeting of the Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, gave its nod for conducting a census in rural and urban areas to identify those living below poverty line (BPL). The enumeration on the basis of caste and religion would be part of the census that would begin in June and end by December this year. AIMMK sees this decision of the Central Government as a very great victory for their struggle”, Dr. Sethuraman said.


He said that the census should not take into consideration the sub-castes, but only register them under a single category. Likewise, the three major sub-castes members of agamudaiyar, kallar, maravar and various other sub-castes under Mukkulathor category should be allowed to register themselves as ‘Thevar' and quote their respective sub-caste within brackets.

Dr. Sethuraman said that already a Government Order was passed on September 9, 1995 renaming Mukkulathor community (a combination of Agamudaiyar, Maravar, and Kallar) as Thevar.

“It should not take into consideration sub-castes”