: All India Democratic Womens Association staged a demonstration casting aspersions on the involvement of more men in the alleged rape and murder of a young girl in Nanillam last week.

The 23-year old girl from Buddhagaram in Thirumarugal here was working as a nurse in a private hospital in Tiruvarur. Her body was found mangled on the railway tracks in Thirupanayur in Nannilam in Tiruvarur.

The police have since arrested a 32-year old man, the girl’s neighbour, who had reportedly picked her up to drop her back in the village. According to sources, the man, already married, had picked her up in the pretext of dropping her home, but had stopped in an isolated spot to sexually assault her. The man allegedly strangled her following her resistance and threw her body on the tracks.

According to the protesting AIDWA members and villagers, supported by Keezhvelur CPI(M) MLA Naagai Maali, the arrested man could not have committed the crime himself, and had accomplices to the crime. The villagers have demanded action calling for more arrests.