The crop coverage had shrunk in tail end areas due to water scarcity

After almost eight months, there was water flowing in the Amaravathy, though a limited quantum. The water released from the Amaravathy reservoir near Udamalpet reached Karur district border on Tuesday and flowed into the town later. Surprised onlookers enjoyed the sight from the new bridge across the river.

The Amaravathy has an aycut of more than 40,000 acres of land in Karur district. Being at the tail end, the areas scarcely received water and consequently the crop coverage had shrunk considerably much to the chagrin of the farmers who are at the mercy of the upper reach farmers in Coimbatore and Tirupur districts.

Occasionally, the Public Works Department authorities would heed the plea of the tail end aycutdars and release water to provide lifeline support to the withering crops or for meeting the drinking water requirements of Karur, Tirupur, and Coimbatore districts situated along the banks of the river.

The previous time the water was released from the Amaravathy reservoir was in November when farmers in dire straits pleaded fervently for water.

Farming remained affected in the tail end aycut areas in Karur district. But the release then did not provide the much-needed succour to farmers who were forced to lose their crop last year due to non-seasonal water availability.

Although water was released in Amaravathy this time, farmers could not get the full benefits as drought and scanty rainfall had forced them to defer their plans for raising any crop in most of the aycut areas in Karur district.

That apart, farmers were sore that Pallapalayam Raja Vaikkal, that stretches from Anaipalayam to Panchamadevi, could not carry any water for its aycut thereby affecting agriculture activities in the region.

For three years in a row, unseasonal discharge of water from Amaravathy reservoir has left Karur farmers in the lurch. Citing drinking water requirements, the Public Works Department authorities release water and deplete storage to the detriment of farmers, Karur aycutdars aver dejectedly. Major long duration crops in the main aycut were affected in the three years they allege.

Tirupur farmers have increased their aycut areas in the upper reaches and have a say in the discharge of water from Amaravathy reservoir because of logistical advantage.

“The assurances given by Chief Ministers C. Rajagopalachari and K. Kamaraj on the floor of the Assembly on safeguarding the rights of the lower riparian Karur aycut farmers have been thrown to the winds and we are now suffering,” they allege.

  • The water was last released into the river in November

  • Unseasonal discharge of water for three years