: The Humane Animal Society and People for Animals Unit I have planned their fourth camp for adoption of puppies and kittens on November 18 from 10 am to 2 pm at Ram apartments on Puliakulam Road near Lakshmi Mills Junction off Avanashi Road.

Forty healthy puppies and a kitten are looking for homes and loving families.

Veterinary assistance

Mongrel puppies will be available free of cost. Free veterinary assistance for life and free vaccine at the shelter every year will be provided for these pups. Veterinarians will be available at the camp site to provide tips to take care and maintain the new pet to prospective adopters.

For details: 93661-27215, 97919-03024, 97915-32266 and 93671-44147.

People who know of some one interested in fostering a bunch of puppies would be encouraged to take part in these camps.

Those having puppies for adoption could contact in advance so that the puppies could be given worm medications and vaccines before sending them to their new homes.

For bringing puppies, in the event of requirement, transportation could be arranged. HAS and PFA I also requires volunteers to manage the camp, to speak to adopters to give them tips and to be in charge of puppies until adoption formalities are completed, feeding and cleaning, etc. If anyone likes to volunteer, they can contact 93661-27215 and 97919-03024.

PFA and HAS request people to spread awareness on the merits of adopting a mongrel pup (high immunity due to better genetic diversity, low maintenance, better suited to Indian environment etc.

Volunteers required to manage the

adoption camp