Though the government has been kind enough to provide accommodation in a prime place in Tiruchi for Adi Dravida students, the inmates undergo a nightmarish experience due mosquito menace caused by poor sanitary conditions. This is mainly due to overflow of sewage water from the sceptic tank. Unless, the sewage line is connected to the main under ground drainage system, the problem cannot be solved. We request the authorities to take action at least during the coming summer vacation and make the place fit for healthy living.

Inmates of Government College Adi Dravida Hostel,


Burgeoning budget

With the rise in the price of milk to Rs.19 a litre, it has become difficult to balance the domestic budget. The prices of all provisions and edible oil have gone up by 30 per cent to 40 per cent. When will we housewives get relief? Probably the State government wants to make up for the loss incurred from distribution of free colour television sets (which in turn distracts the children, who sit in front of TV all evening with their parents). The government gives gift in one hand and takes it away in the other hand with interest.

R. Jayashree,

Dindigul Road

Bridge of woes

The Chettipalam Bridge across the Uyyakondan near Cantonment and the road bridge adjacent to the railway junction are more or less the same size. Expansion of Chettipalam Bridge has already been taken up by the Corporation. The volume of traffic is heavier on the road bridge. Despite this, the bridge has not gone expansion for more than a decade. Is it because it lies outside the town?

Also the road from the bridge to Ramachandra Nagar is narrow. There is heavy traffic day and night.

Hence, it needs to be widened to ease traffic congestion and avert accidents.

N. Pradeep Kumar,

Anbu Nagar

Shortage of coins

There is shortage of coins at all places. I request bank authorities to realise the problem and release more coins immediately.

N. Alagappan,


Coach position

On the display of coach positions on platforms (Readers’ Mail, The Hindu, March 11), I request the railway authorities to arrange to print the coach position from the engine in the tickets. It will help the passengers in locating their compartments and waiting near them. Also the procedure will help in stations that do not have electronic display boards.

R.S. Surya Prakash,


Poor amenities

There is inadequate illumination and non-availability of toilet facility near Central Bus Stand. I request the Corporation authorities to provide the amenities immediately.

P.K. Singaravelan,

Ayyappa Nagar

Declined receipt

Recently, I was with a relative to purchase SIM card for an old mobile phone. The lady in the counter declined to issue a receipt. Is this act intended to dupe the consumer or is it to evade the tax? I request the officials concerned to conduct surprise checks and put an end to the malpractice.

Abdul Mujeeb,


Train to Rameswaram

A large number of devotees visit Rameswaram from the central districts. At present, there is only a single direct train.

I request the railway authorities to operate passenger trains from Tiruchi to Madurai during the day. It will be of great help to devotees who wish to visit Rameswaram, Devipattinam etc.

Parambai R.S. Prakasam,


Increasing air pollution

Tiruchi city suffers from air pollution due to hazardous emissions from industries, vehicles and domestic sources, causing deterioration to public health. The city is critically polluted with oxides of nitrogen, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide from vehicles, much beyond the safety limit. The departments concerned should take stringent action against industries and automobiles violating safety measures.

The civic authorities must ensure that the city’s solid and liquid wastes are disposed of scientifically and safely.

David Peniel,