No water available in tonsure centres, say devotees

Even as the temple administration gears up for the Panguni Uthiram festival, thousands of devotees are facing untold misery owing to acute water shortage in i Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple and Thiru Avinangudi Temple areas.

The worst affected are pilgrims who tonsure their heads as fulfilment of vows. “I am prepared to pay even Rs.100 for water. But water is not available in tonsure centres, lodges and rooms around the temple”, said S. Vasudevan from Coimbatore. With tonsured heads, he and his family members were seen running from one place to another for water.

The temple administration has set up tonsure centres in more than 10 places including two centres near Thiru Avinangudi and Saravana Poigai and one in Kudamuzhukku mandapam, Padhavinayagar Temple, winch station and near Dhandapani Nilayam.

With a sudden increase in the number of devotees on Sunday, regular water supply through lorries was insufficient. Moreover, storage facilities in these centres were insufficient to meet the bathing requirements of large number of pilgrims.

The irony is that Saravana Poigai, a well near Thiru Avinangudi temple has water but the motor to pump the water was under repair.

With no pumping facility, water supply could not be made to centres near Thiru Avinangudi.

With poor water supply, all lodges, hotels and rooms were solely dependent on lorries and private operators give top priority for private lodges only. “We have been searching for water to take bath for the past four hours. We are tired and we do not to where to lodge complaints”, said Das from Villupuram.