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“It will help work towards better quality of education”

CHENNAI: State government schools have a greater scope to enhance the quality of education as they have qualified and well-paid teachers, said Girdhar J. Gyani, Secretary General, Quality Council of India here on Monday.

Talking to reporters about the Council’s National Accreditation Board for Education and Training, he said State governments must give autonomy to school principals and not micro-manage them. “It is the motivation factor that is missing among school teachers. They should be constantly encouraged to raise the standard of education.”

The Board had introduced an accreditation standard for schools and provided a framework for them to apply for accreditation.

It had accredited a couple of Kendriya Vidyalayas and would join hands with State governments to set up an independent accreditation body in each State.

“The body will monitor, assess and accredit government schools that meet our standards. It will help the schools to work towards better quality of education,” said council director Vipin Sahni.

Nearly 25 private schools from Chennai had applied for accreditation.

Award after assessment

Detailing the process, Mr. Sahni said that accreditation would be awarded after carrying out structured assessment based on various parameters, including school governance, infrastructure, support mechanism, continual performance assessment.

Financial resources, compliance to regulatory requirements, human resources, curriculum, admission policy, learning environment and health and safety are some of the other determining parameters.

“We do not interfere in the syllabi. We only look how the curriculum is structured to handle the syllabus,” Mr. Sahni said.

Observing that the schools lacked any accreditation, he said the accreditation of the Board would improve the standards.

Formed in 1997 after a Cabinet decision, the council is a non-profit autonomous body set up by the government with support of Indian industry.

One school in the city has been accredited by the Council and two more schools would receive accreditation shortly, he said.