Commotion prevailed at a commercial complex near the sessions court on Thursday following a phone call to the police control room about two persons equipped with a ‘weapon' holding a person in their custody and indulging in arbitration.

When police intervened, it was revealed that the call was a fallout of a civil dispute between two brothers Aruchamy and Parameshwaran of Attappady, near Anaikatti, over a house site.

It is learnt that the brothers had already clashed over the issue and the issue was pending at the police station.

Meanwhile, Parameshwaran with the help of Surya and Ravi abducted Aruchamy to Kolarpatti and assaulted him.

Later, the abducted victim was brought to an advocate's office for sorting out the issue. The police, who stepped into the complex rescued Aruchamy and took custody of Parmeshwaran, Surya and Ravi. The two were engaged by Parameshwaran for carrying out the abduction and assault and one of them had a bogus ID card claiming to be a police officer.

Cases have been registered against all the three for abduction and assault besides impersonation, the police said.

Meanwhile, a group of advocates, numbering nearly 100, brought advocate Rajkumar and his assistant James and handed them over to the police accusing them of involvement and abetting abduction. Advocates handing over a fellow advocate led to commotion at Race Course police station in the evening.

Woman dies

Chitra (22), wife of Santhosh Kumar, a workshop employee, of Ramanathapuram succumbed to burns on Thursday. It is learnt that her child, who was sleeping near the mother, accidentally tripped on a chimney resulting in fire engulfing the mother's bed.