Abandoned emus die of starvation in Namakkal

M.K. Ananth
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Some unidentified persons abandonedabout 250 medium and fully-grown emus

The emus that were found dead in Andapuram Lake near Mohanur in Namakkal District.—Photo: M.K. Ananth
The emus that were found dead in Andapuram Lake near Mohanur in Namakkal District.—Photo: M.K. Ananth

First, the investors were left in the lurch and now the birds with which they were baited. About 50 emus that were abandoned at Kalathur Karai or Andapuram Lake – near the border shared by Namakkal and Tiruchi districts – have died of starvation. Villagers of Andapuram near Mohanur in Namakkal District said some unidentified persons abandoned about 250 medium and fully-grown emus at the lake during the wee hours of last Thursday.

It was suspected that these birds could have been abandoned by an emu firm that closed down in the recent months after the multi crore emu scam came to light last year. “I saw them while grazing my goats in the lake. Some of the birds entered our village and the people gathered to see these birds for the first time. The birds started chasing people after which youth split into groups, caught them and took them home. Some of them ate it while others sold it”, P. Muthuveeran (40) a farmer said.

Villagers said that the ones that strayed into the villages were caught relatively easily, but it was a bit difficult to catch those that ran into the fields. “Some villagers hunted the birds with the help of their country dogs. Most of the birds were caught by people and butchers from both the districts and carried in two and three-wheelers,” he said. “About 50 birds that were not caught were found dead on the lake, as they did not have food or water. The lake has been dry for more than five years”, said G. Senthil (39), a tractor mechanic.

“More birds were released by unidentified persons in the same area in two trucks. This time autorickshaws were ready to catch the birds as they were unloaded from the trucks”, he added.




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