Problem in sharing the booty helped police in securing the accused, writes L. Srikrishna

A three-member gang who allegedly indulged in robbery, waylaying and other criminal offences were cheated by their own accomplice; it has come to light now, say police.

Revealing the tale, investigation officers said that on March 3, Saravanan, aged about 39 years of Thangam Soap Lane, Kamarajar Salai was carrying 100 sovereigns and Rs 1.05 lakh cash in his two-wheeler. Suddenly, he found the bag missing and realised that some body had flicked it away in the crowd.

Based on his complaint, Commissioner of Police K. Nandabalan directed the police to register a case and special teams were formed.

As the Lok Sabha elections came in between, the police were unable to keep track of the criminals, an officer said.

However, based on the inputs from the complainant and by gathering intelligence from various sources, the teams got into the task of detection.

The police were on the look out for some suspects, whose names were given as Saravanan, Murugan and Ravi.

Tip-off call

Even as they were zeroing in on the robbers, the police received a call.

The caller at the other end ‘informed’ the whereabouts of the key person whom the police were searching.

Wasting no time, the police caught the main accused Saravanan.

Slowly, the team realised that some problem in sharing the booty (100 sovereigns) had resulted in revealing the location of Saravanan.

Discreet inquiries with other accomplices who were also picked up said that Saravanan had the booty with him, but gave only paltry share.

From the newspaper

“We didn’t know that the bag contained so much jewellery… Only after reading newspapers the subsequent day of committing the crime, we three came to know it had 100 sovereigns and over one lakh cash.”

Investigating officers said that Saravanan and Murugan were already detained in prisons under the Goondas Act for their alleged acts of chain snatching and other crimes.

Mr. Nandabalan commended the special team including the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Selson Monick Rao, Inspector (crime) Illango and others involved in the case for swift recovery.